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La Zenia

Property Sale & Purchase

Advice and management of all the necessary procedures to finalise purchase and sale operations, carrying out, among others, the following procedures:

• Verification of data in the Land Registry, Town Hall, Treasury Department and other public offices, to verify the urban situation of the property and its non-affectation to fiscal responsibilities, or responsibilities of another nature.

• Supervision of the property title of the selling party and verification of its status in the Property Registry to ensure that it is free of mortgages, liens, easements and other charges or conditions.

• Preparation and supervision of private contracts of sale, option or reservation.

• Certificates of balances from the Owners' Association Administrators to verify that the property does not have unpaid community fees or other responsibilities.

• Preparation of public deed of sale and commission to the Notary

• Notary assistance, even to sign the deed on behalf of the seller or the buyer.

• Settlement and payment of taxes

• Registration of the property in favour of the buyer.

• In the event that the buyer is not resident in Spain, we manage to obtain the NIE, the non-residence certificate and, where appropriate, the residence permit.


The comprehensive list of services we provide include:

  • NIE Application / Land Registry Search / Spanish Accounts / Legal Study of Property

  • Request a Simple Note / Request Catastral Certification/ Request Urban Non-Infringement Certificate

  • Prepare  or review of Reservation Contract / Prepare or review Private Sale Contract

  • Tax Calculate tax payable on a property /  Calculate figures  / Calculate Capital Gains 

  • Prepare Notary Appointment /Assistance at the Notary and completion.

  • We arrange for the signing of the public deeds at the Notary’s.



  • Mortgage research and obtention if required.

  • Help with mortgage application  and documentation. 

  • If there is a mortgage tied to the property this will also include Home Insurance.



  • Urban complaints

  • Projects

  • Reparcelling

  • Expropriations



  • Registration of the property at the land registry

  • Presentation of Plusvalia (Capital Gains at Town Hall)

  • Tax Declaration

  • Reclaim 3% IRNR tax retention fees if proceed.

  • Direct Debit set up of Local Rates  - IBI

  • Direct debits set up of the 3 main standard supplies or: Electricity, Water & Gas.

  • Obtain Home insurance if required.

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